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This position is responsible for animal care duties including but not limited to daily maintenance of companion animal kennels and housing units, feeding, medicating, grooming and socializing animals of a variety of species including dogs, cats, small animals, bird, reptiles and exotics. To perform adoption counseling duties including but not limited to matchmaking between potential adopters and companion animals and providing education on companion animal ownership concepts.

The position includes some night time and weekend hours. Please send resume and cover letter to Kennel Manager, Amber Grosch at amber.

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  • I would like to apply for the role of Animal Care Worker which I have seen advertised in where and when. I have studied what subject at where and I have always been interested in working with animals. I have had animals what as pets as I was growing up and always helped to take care of them and this is where my passion for this career began. I have done some work experience in a local centre where I helped to take care of the animals coming into the centre from difficult home backgrounds or just purely unwanted pets. It is a very traumatising time for any animal to be uprooted and brought somewhere else and they may not be in the best of health.

    It takes some time to look after these animals and make sure they are on the correct diet, have the correct medications and being looked after ready to be in a position to look for a new home for them. Animals that I have worked with vary from cats and dogs to more exotic pets.

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    I am very caring and patient, I work very hard and I am dedicated to my work. I have no commitments and can work any hours or shifts as required. I have enclosed my CV for your interest.