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The TEEL structure provides an effective way of organising a paragraph.

You may find it helpful to add C for Comment before Link. A paragraph structured this way would contain the following:.

elaboration of ideas

One of the main obstacles to reaching international consensus on climate change action is the ongoing debate over which countries should shoulder the burden. Because the developed world has historically been responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, it has been argued that they should reduce emissions and allow developed nations to prioritise development over environmental concerns Vinuales, Article 3.

However, because CBDR outlines a principle and not an actionable plan it has remained problematic.

For example, it does not stipulate the extent to which, under the principle of CBDR, developing nations should be exempt from specific emissions targets. This has continued to be a point of contention in global negotiations on climate change, with developed countries such as the USA arguing that developed nations should do more to reduce emissions Klein et.

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Fairness and equity need to be pursued in reaching a global agreement on climate change, but transforming this into an actionable strategy is problematic. The paragraph below was written in response to the essay question: '"Leaders are made rather than born. Provide reasons for your opinion. Skip to content Skip to navigation.

Text: Support and Elaboration

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Mental state examination 3. Relatedness refers to the quality of the details and their relevance to the topic. Good writers select only the details that will support their focus, deleting irrelevant information. Poets are especially adept at using precise details to focus on specific, concrete, observable things or experiences.

Information is the key to developing support and elaboration in the expository essay genres — informational, critical, and argumentative writing. While writers of narratives can often rely solely on their own observations and inner resources to develop their writing, writers of expository genres have to look outside themselves for the information they need to develop their writing.

ICED: The Key to Elaboration

As a result, in expository writing, authors need the ability to find and use relevant information: facts, statistics, examples, and anecdotes. Research, evaluation, and notetaking skills are vital for expository writers.

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