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  1. Praxis II Middle School: Social Studies () Test Syllabus
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It not only depends on studying, but also test-taking skills. That was what got me through it, because I can honestly say I still don't know some of the content that was on the one I took I probably shouldn't admit that, but whatever.

Praxis II Middle School: Social Studies () Test Syllabus

Invest in study guides and practice tests, and you might just have to eat the cost. Just take it once and then you'll know if you need to study harder. If possible, just find some basic psychology information level psych class notes or textbook and read up on that. A lot of the questions were kind of low-hanging fruit, but a few that were very obscure. Still, if you've been paying attention in college history courses, you've already got a great shot. I took middle and high school social studies exams, studied for neither and passed both, but did not score great.

Not sure how much they matters though.

Mind you I majored in history, not just got a cert in it. The most difficult thing were the economic questions that I was not expecting. Do you know if you can just retake it to get a higher score? I'm a little rushed, but I imagine employers look at it.

I was a psychology education major and a history minor, and I did no prior studying or prep. Passed it but barely. There is some practice books you can buy. Passed first time did little studying but I was history major and I typically do okay on standardized tests. Look over stuff like psych, sociology, and econ.

Especially if you're a history strand. Also brush up on ancient history.

Test design

Not a hard test at all. I didn't study much for it and passed on the first try, but that's because it's hard to know what exactly to study for when there's thousands of years of history that can be covered on the test. On the praxis website there are study guides you can find, I suggest looking at those.

I know psychology and economics pretty well, so I focused on the ancient civilizations that I needed to brush up on, as well as recent history as I am young and those are the years that were too recent but not recent enough to be covered in social studies classes in school. Definitely second all the crash course recommendations! You got this!!

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I also went to school in Iowa and all of professors stressed that the score didn't really matter, just passing it did. I know Iowa has a bit more work involved in their education programs so maybe our passing score is a bit higher? Not sure what another commenter saying that the score dictates which states you can teach in, I hadn't heard that before and my degree is easily transferable to all states except California, I believe especially with the law Illinois passed last year that teachers specifically from Iowa's accreditation will transfer over.

Not super hard.

How to Pass the Praxis II: Social Studies

I took it twice--the first time I had about two days between signing up and taking it because I decide to squeak into an alternative certification course and needed the Praxis ASAP. It had also been about 8 years since I graduated college. I also didn't major or minor in it--just had an interest. Wasn't expecting much, and I missed the minimum score for my state by 1 point. Some of the selected-response and all of the short essay questions are interdisciplinary, reflecting the complex relationship among the social studies fields.

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